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Song of Batoche by Maia Caron

Book News, 28 August 2017

A people’s struggle for rights to their land and identity, a woman’s fight for ownership of her body and soul.

In a year when Canada 150 celebrates our iconic heroes, this historical novel about the Métis, from an Indigenous author, is at the very heart of Canadian identity. After learning that her great-great-grandfather was the president of Louis Riel’s provisional government in Batoche, and her great-great-uncle was Gabriel Dumont’s war lieutenant, Maia Caron was compelled to resurrect the ghosts of her ancestors, to tell the story of the North-West Resistance, the unspoken betrayals and buried secrets of the past.

When Louis Riel arrives in Batoche, Saskatchewan, in the summer of 1884, he discovers that the rebellious Métisse Josette Lavoie is a granddaughter of the famous chief Big Bear, whom he needs as an ally. But Josette resists becoming his disciple when she learns that Riel considers the Métis a lost tribe of Israel and himself the prophet who will lead them to the Promised Land. As General Middleton’s army marches to put down the “savage half-breeds,” both Josette and Gabriel Dumont draw ever closer to one another in their struggle to manage Riel, who is determined that he will meet Middleton only in Batoche, the City of God.

The historical events unfold from inside the beautiful mind of Louis Riel, his heroic war chief Gabriel Dumont, a subversive Catholic priest, a spy for John A. Macdonald, and three women with secrets: Madeleine Dumont, Marguerite Riel, and Josette Lavoie, whose journey to redemption emerges out of devastating acts of deception as the troops converge on Batoche to destroy the Métis Nation.

Maia Caron is Red River Métis. Her great-great-grandparents were one of the founding families of Batoche, and Jean Caron Sr. and his sons were among the last twenty Métis facing Middleton’s troops when they captured Batoche. Their house was burned to the ground during the battle and rebuilt in 1890. It is now a museum exhibit on the historic site. Maia lives in Toronto.

Ronsdale Press, founded in 1988, is a literary publishing house based in Vancouver, dedicated to publishing books that give Canadians new insights into themselves and their country.

Find out more about Song of Batache, including the book trailer and Amazon links.


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Now you can tailor Inkflash to show just the book previews you want

Site News, 02 August 2016

Inkflash displays new 3D previews every day from big publishers and indie authors alike. Each book preview places both you and the book in a 3D environment that matches the book's category - so reading a "space opera" novel is like floating in outer space, reading a gardening book has you sitting in a tranquil garden, etc.

But what if you only want to see science fiction or epic fantasy novels, or just historical romances? Now you can! You can now sign up in just a few seconds, and then choose the book genres that you'd like to see here on the front page...


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Inkflash gets something of a facelift

Site News, 11 April 2016

Probably not before time, we've decided to re-focus the site on 3D book previews and reviews - meaning that on the front page you'll see a steady stream of new content from both big-name authors and indie publishers. A 3D book preview is a bit like the 'look inside' feature on Amazon, except you can zoom in, turn the book around, tilt it etc; and the book "exists" within a 3D space with its own lighting and scenery. Check the top of the front page for examples!

And with that new focus comes a new site design. Not actually that dissimilar from the old one, but with cleaner edges.

The author rooms will, of course, continue to be a big part of the site, especially as we start to add more interactive book trailers like this one. Check back often for revolutionary new 3D content!


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Thought-provoking review of Baudelaire's Revenge in The San Diego Book Review

Author News, 06 December 2015

In a Featured Review about Baudelaire’s Revenge in The San Diego Book Review, author and playwright Hubert O’ Hearn makes some bold and frank, but also thought-provoking, observations about historical fiction. Mr. O’Hearn puts it rather black-and-white, but his message hits home.

Don't forget, Baudelaire's Revenge has its own interactive 3D book trailer here on Inkflash. Turn the volume up and explore the haunting 3D room to uncover more details about the depraved murder mystery itself, plus other works by its author Bob Van Laerhoven.


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Inkflash gets a shiny new lobby

Site News, 12 August 2015

We've added a bundle of new capabilities to Inkflash recently. For example, rooms can now have more than one floor at different heights; we've also added bump mapping (and so-called "normal mapping") to give textures a bumpier, more 3D appearance, interactivity (actions are triggered when you click on objects) and scripted, timed actions. Expect to see a lot of existing rooms being super-charged with new features over the next few weeks, along with brand-new author and category rooms too.

With all of that going on though, it's easy to forget the most visited room of all - the entrance lobby. So we've just updated the UK and USA lobbies to include some of the newer features. The lobby now features selected books with 3D previews. If you're an author who'd like your book featured here, let us know! Meanwhile, we've moved the Top 10 Amazon bestsellers to a separate floor. Note the staircase in the screenshot - if you click on it, an action is triggered that will zip you up to the Bestsellers floor.

The signs in the lobby are now clearer too, so navigation around the labyrinth of book rooms should be that bit easier.


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How Charles Baudelaire’s Poetry Changed My Life

Author News, 25 October 2016

It’s true that literature can change your life. It changed Belgian author Bob Van Laerhoven’s. He told Inkflash:

"Because of  Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers Of Evil), Charles Baudelaire’s magnificent collection of poetry, I wanted to become a writer. Fat chance, everyone around me said."

In a short personal essay for the US-based writers’ blog Motive Means Opportunity, he evokes the nostalgic memory of a 17-year old Flemish country-boy, desperately wanting to create beauty.

Bob is also the author of mystery/suspense novel Baudelaire’s Revenge, which won the Hercule Poirot Prize for Best Crime Novel and the USA Best Book Award 2014 in the Fiction category. Check out a 3D preview here on Inkflash, or get totally immersed in the author’s interactive 3D room.


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JASPER: New historical novel from Welsh author Tony Riches

Book News, 25 May 2016

With JASPER – Book Two of The Tudor Trilogy available to preview in 3D, Inkflash remains a wonderful place to explore new historical fiction.

England 1461: The young King Edward of York takes England by force from King Henry VI of Lancaster. Sir Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke, flees the massacre of his Welsh army at the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross and plans a rebellion to return his half-brother King Henry to the throne.

Following the best-selling novel OWEN - Book One of The Tudor Trilogy, the follow-up, based on actual events, tells of Owen’s son Jasper Tudor who changes the history of England forever. Set in the often brutal world of fifteenth century England, Wales, Scotland, France, Burgundy and Brittany, during the Wars of the Roses, this fast-paced story is one of courage and adventure, love and belief in the destiny of the Tudors.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Based in Southwest Wales, Tony Riches is a full time author of best-selling fiction and non-fiction books. For more about Tony's books, see his popular blog The Writing Desk, and of course his 3D castle here at Inkflash.


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Explore book reviews in an ever-expanding cloud

Site News, 11 March 2016

For months our automated review trawler has been crawling the web for authoritative book reviews. You can now explore these in our 3D rooms, from the comfort of your web browser.

Get started in the entrance lobby, and discover more review clouds in other rooms such as the epic Space Opera room. As you'll see, there are tweet and blog clouds too.


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The Domino Man is now on Kindle

Book News, 13 September 2015

From Stanley Salmons (author of science fiction crime heist novel The Man in Two Bodies), military conspiracy thriller The Domino Man is now available to buy on Kindle.

This dark near-future tale is as intriguing as it is original. A Special Forces soldier wakes up temporarily paralysed in a prison hospital, with no memory of how he got there. A Professor at M.I.T. renowned for his expertise in quantum computing is dying from a peripheral nerve disease. The lives of these two will be intimately linked in a near-future story involving military action in Africa and set against the backdrop of a U.S. Presidential election.

Check out a 3D preview for both The Man in Two Bodies and The Domino Man at the author's 3D book room here on Inkflash.


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Browse a 3D preview of New Worlds Comics’ Wynter issue 1

Site News, 04 August 2015

Our new 3D Book Preview function is already being put to good use. For example, check out this preview of issue 1 of Wynter, a fantastic - and extremely dark - non-superhero science fiction series from New Worlds Comics.

We'll be adding previews for more issues of Wynter very soon, along with previews for more books throughout the Inkflash "labyrinth". If you're an author and would like your books featured in 3D along with its own book preview, we'd love to hear from you (


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