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FormatsDate PublishedPricePages
Paperback (Reprint) 2018-04-24 £12.19 384
Paperback 2006-09-12
Paperback (Reprint) 2006-09-12 £13.50 576
Leather Bound 2006
Leather Bound 2002
Hardcover 2002
Hardcover (New edition) 2000-05-02 £12.99 432
Hardcover 1993 514
Paperback 1992 514
Mass Market Paperback (1st Fawcett Crest Ed) 1991-01-01 £8.99 478
Mass Market Paperback 1981-08-01
Leather Bound (Limited ed) 1979 601
Hardcover 1979
Paperback (New edition) 1972-08 £0.50 480
Hardcover (First ediiton) 1971-03-18 £4.95 512
Mass Market Paperback 1970-01-01 478
Paperback 1970 478
Hardcover 1969-06-16
Hardcover 1969-06-01 £12.87 508
Paperback 1900
Paperback 1793
Paperback 1679

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Them (Modern Library)

Cover art: Them (Modern Library)

Published by Modern Library on 2000-05-02
Hardcover: £12.99
FICTION / Literary

Winner of the National Book Award and in print for more than thirty years, them ranks as one of the most masterly portraits of postwar America ever written by a novelist. Including several new pages and text substantially revised and updated by the author, this Modern Library edition is the most current and accurate version available of Oates' seminal work.
A novel about class, race, and the horrific, glassy sparkle of urban life, them chronicles the lives of the Wendalls, a family on the steep edge of poverty in the windy, riotous Detroit slums. Loretta, beautiful and dreamy and full of regret by age sixteen, and her two children, Maureen and Jules, make up Oates' vision of the American fam-ily--broken, marginal, and romantically proud. The novel's title, pointedly uncapitalized, refers to those Americans who inhabit the outskirts of society--men and women, mothers and children--whose lives many authors in the 1960s had left unexamined. Alfred Kazin called her subject "the sheer rich chaos of American life." The Nation wrote, "When Miss Oates' potent, life-gripping imagination and her skill at narrative are conjoined, as they are preeminently in them, she is a prodigious writer."
In addition to the text revisions, this--new edition contains an Afterword by the author and a new Introduction by Greg Johnson, Oates' biographer and the author of two monographs on the work of Joyce Carol Oates.
(Hardcover (New edition), 2000-05-02)

ASIN: 0679640258
ISBN: 9780679640257
EAN: 9780679640257



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