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FormatsDate PublishedPricePages
Paperback (Reprint) 2018-04-10 $17.00 656
Audible Audiobook 2012-11-06 $28.30
Paperback 2011-09-01 $20.75 640
Audible Audiobook 2010-04-07 $19.93
Kindle Edition (Reissue) 2010-03-25 770
Mass Market Paperback 2009-07-12
Audio Cassette (Unabridged) 2003
Paperback (New Ed) 2002-07-04 640
Hardcover 1999-06-22 $5.99
Paperback (New Ed) 1999-03-01 816
Paperback 1999 $5.99
Mass Market Paperback (Trade ed.) 1998-05-27 $8.99 752
Paperback (New edition) 1998-03-12 640
Hardcover (First Edition) 1998-03-12 640
Mass Market Paperback 1998
Audio Cassette (Abridged edition) 1997-11-01 $25.00
Paperback (Large Print) 1997-09-01
Paperback (Large Print) 1997-09-01 $5.99
Hardcover (First Trade Edition) 1997-09-01 $5.99 629
Paperback (1st) 1997-02-19
Paperback (the publisher's advance in wrappers) 1997-01-01 $8.81
Unknown Binding (3rd prtg edition.) 1997
Paperback 1997
Hardcover (2nd Printing) 1997
Hardcover (First) 1997
Audio Cassette 1997
Paperback 1980
Hardcover 1980
Paperback 1827
Hardcover 1721
Paperback 1661
Hardcover 1635
Unknown Binding

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The Angel of Darkness

Cover art: The Angel of Darkness

Published by Random House on 1997-09-01
Hardcover: $5.99

Portraying New York City circa 1897 as a time bomb of political corruption and violence, Caleb Carr returns to familiar territory in The Angel of Darkness, the sequel to his international bestseller, The Alienist. Also a stand-alone novel, The Angel of Darkness brings together the same cast of characters from The Alienist but the relating of their recent psychological investigation has shifted from John Moore to 13-year-old Stevie Taggert. Abandoned by his drug addict mother, raised on the streets and in love with a teenage prostitute, Stevie's narration brings to the novel a tender combination of streetwise nonchalance and a tentative optimism that has been fostered by Dr Laszlo Kriezler's care. But even Stevie isn't prepared for the case of Libby Hatch--a dangerous caretaker who leaves in her wake a trail of dead children and who has kidnapped the child of a Spanish diplomat. Racing against the clock of Libby's psychosis and a legal system that has blinkered itself to such atrocities, the group struggle to find the key that will reveal Libby's murderous nature. A fascinating exploration of the very modern theme of motherhood and its role in society, The Angel of Darkness is a taut, page-turning thriller set against a gloomy Dickensian backdrop of crime and depravation. -- Shannon Bingham
(Hardcover (First Trade Edition), 1997-09-01)

ASIN: 0679435328
ISBN: 9780679435327
EAN: 9780679435327



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