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Stanley Salmons

Stanley Salmons

I'm a scientist and Science Fiction author.

Stanley Stanley SalmonsWebsite

Environmental science fiction

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Canterpurry Tales

Bummus McBaggus, a black-and-white moggy, joins a colourful community of cats in the Scottish highlands who have found refuge from rising sea levels. He learns their stories — and discovers that they live ...

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ]


"Ireland and stories go hand in hand" - Waterlog
This anthology of eight angling stories embodies the humour and the magic of the West of Ireland. Beautifully produced by Medlar Press.

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Alexei's Tree

23 original stories will captivate and entertain
"Prof Stanley's stories mean so much to kids caught up in disaster… tales featuring SF, humour, fantasy and crime" - Jewish Telegraph

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Footprints in the Ash

"Craftily written, this mystery is full of absorbing puzzles and characters" - Historical Novels Society

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ]

The Domino Man

A dark near-future story that is as intriguing as it is original
One man holds the key to exposing deceit and treachery at the highest level of the nation. But there's a problem. He's just been executed...

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ]


A fast-paced environmental thriller
A mutant organism that is spreading through oceans, rivers and lakes; a race to stop a worldwide eco disaster.

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ]

The Man in Two Bodies

The power to be in two places at once
Intriguing, lively SF that will have you questioning the integrity of society, science... and solid objects.

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ] - book publisher
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