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Fredrik Nath

Fredrik Nath

Historical Fiction novelist and neurosurgeon; published by

Fredrik Fredrik NathWebsite Twitter@proseking Facebookfred.nath.75

I write historical novels set in ancient Rome and World War II-stricken France.

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The Judas Scrolls

Part 1 in an epic new Roman series
As the Roman Empire crumbles and barbarians settle in the provinces, Marcus Astorius, a soldier and part-time assassin works for the Praeses, the Governor of Hispania Carthaginiensis.

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ]

Amulet II: The Gallic War

Second instalment of the tale of the AMULET

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ]

The Promise

Continues Fred's World War II series
Jean, a medical student before the war, finds his sister Rebecca and baby Gabrielle have been deported to Auschwitz. He will do anything to get her back.

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ]

The Fat Chef

1940, Paris falls to the occupying Germans
Raoul, Head Chef of Le Metro, is nonchalant. He need only wait for Pétain to make peace, and then he can get on with life, and continue to admire his demi-sous chef, Natalie, with unrequited love. But matters soon change...

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Fans of Fredrik Nath's Galdir series won't be disappointed
Mixes epic Roman conquest with the intriguing plot of an orphan-turned-footsoldier. The story sweeps from brutal sea battles to the power struggles of conniving Centurions and a dalliance with the lonely Queen of a conquered nation.

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ]

Galdir - A Slave's Tale

Galdir #1
"Highly Commended" - Yeovil Literary Prize

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ]

Farewell Bergerac

*** Author Fredrik Nath was 'highly commended' in the Yeovil Literary Prize for his novel "Galdir: A Slave's Tale". *** Nazi-occupied Aquitaine, 1943: François Dufy, alcoholic and alone, is dragged into ...

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ]

The Cyclist

Nazi-occupied Aquitaine, 1943: A beautiful young woman is found murdered in the shadow of the Bergerac Prefecture. Auguste Ran, Assistant Chief of Police, suspects Brunner, a German Security Police Major ...

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Francesca Pascal

World War II series
A wartime tale of vengeance, art theft, and intrigue

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ]

The Evil That Men Do - A World War II Adventure Novel

From the bestselling author of Farewell Bergerac, The Cyclist, The Fat Chef and Galdir: A Slave's Tale. The Cyclist was the Historical Novels Society editor's choice book of the month; and Galdir is "highly ...

[ Read more, and explore inside this book ] - book publisher
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