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Read a book on a stormy mountaintop or by the fireside in a cosy library. The best way to explore your next great read.

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Inkflash gets something of a facelift

Site News, 11 April 2016

Probably not before time, we've decided to re-focus the site on 3D book previews and reviews - meaning that on the front page you'll see a steady stream of new content from both big-name authors and indie publishers. A 3D book preview is a bit like the 'look inside' feature on Amazon, except you can zoom in, turn the book around, tilt it etc; and the book "exists" within a 3D space with its own lighting and scenery. Check the top of the front page for examples!

And with that new focus comes a new site design. Not actually that dissimilar from the old one, but with cleaner edges.

The author rooms will, of course, continue to be a big part of the site, especially as we start to add more interactive book trailers like this one. Check back often for revolutionary new 3D content!


News item

Explore book reviews in an ever-expanding cloud

Site News, 11 March 2016

For months our automated review trawler has been crawling the web for authoritative book reviews. You can now explore these in our 3D rooms, from the comfort of your web browser.

Get started in the entrance lobby, and discover more review clouds in other rooms such as the epic Space Opera room. As you'll see, there are tweet and blog clouds too.


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